Little Lanta – triple pump treatment

Little Lanta – triple pump treatment

Eventually, all HuCows end up visiting the medical ward. HuCows need regular health checks, and the farmer needs to make sure they stay in top shape for production in the barn. Today it’s Little Lanta’s turn to get her medical inspection. This gymnast HuCow is so flexible, she can be chained with her legs over her head without any problems. Of course, this gives the farmer great access to perform any necessary checks. Meanwhile, Little Lanta is still milked the entire time, we don’t want to waste any milking time of course. A third cup is placed on her clit to increase the size and sensitivity, because we have found that this treatment makes HuCows healthier and more productive. Little Lanta is also wearing a jewel buttplug (pink, which marks her as a novice HuCow), and she gets a nice magic wand reward on her sensitive clit! Don’t miss it, she is so cute!

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  1. It is safe to say Little Lanta is a very healthy HuCow after viewing this Update where her firm round udders were pumped along with her clit. The next time we see Little Lanta being milked the color of her buttplug should be different since she has been a HuCow for over ten months at the farm.

  2. Something like this definitely needs to be tried on Vina!

  3. I need a really cold shower, no don’t think that will work! A dip in a frozen lake, that’s more like it!
    Really like Lanta yes she’s cute and so bendy!

  4. I´d like to try this with my whore/girlfriend!

  5. Breastwatch

    How old must one be to visit? Just the age of consent, 18? Or do you require people to come only at 22 or so?

  6. I feel like something like this should be tried on me

  7. Oh this turns me right on!!! I can imagine literally being in her shoes!!! So erotic, I want to see more clit milking action!!

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