Ariel – milked on the Sybian

Ariel – milked on the Sybian

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Beautiful teen Ariel gets another session! Remember how we captured her and put her on the milking bed? Her big young udders are perfect for HuCow training, but she needs more nipple attention. We start off by giving her some nipple clamps to make her nipples more sensitive. That’s always a good preparation for the goat milker. Ariel then discovers the Sybian machine, she has never seen anything like that before! She curiously tries the controls: one dial makes the machine vibrate, while the other makes the dildo rotate. She is shocked, but very intrigued, so she sits on the machine to try it. However, we soon cuff her hands behind her back and take over the controls, while we milk her at high power with the goat milker. Ariel was so turned on from the Sybian, she almost didn’t feel the pain on her nipples. She is such a great addition to our herd, we are definitely keeping this beauty!

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  1. Ariel applying the clamps to her nipples gets them ready for her session using the goat milker while she is stimulated by her ride on the Sybian. The goat milker on high power works its magic on Ariel’s nipples and big udders. Still hoping for a milking session with this Ariel and Ariel Anderssen in the barn secured to the metal milking frame with the red cow milker pumping their udders.

  2. I´d like to see those pumps sucking a breast full of milk!

  3. I want to be a hucow I have pictures on porn hub hucow in training I’m not afraid to let people see me naked

    • You can apply to this site, though it is location-specific

      The other option is to get a friend you trust, and set up equipment. Hope you have fun adventures being a hucow

  4. Ariel is soooo supercute!!! Beautyful udders and a young lovely face, created for some pain. Get her a big black bull to impregnate her! When the “calf” comes, you can get her to become a lactating cow.

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