Katie – milked and vibrated

Katie – milked and vibrated

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We don’t really sexually stimulate Katie that much, because she is our best trained HuCow and she will accept any handling, massaging, and milking without problems. She can take the hardest milking sessions without any bondage, although we like to keep her chained up (it’s really the best to keep your HuCows collared so you can easily move and attach them to walls or frames). Sexual stimulation is mostly for HuCows who are still in training, it helps to associate arousal with milking pain so their brain gets reprogrammed to LIKE milking sessions. Katie doesn’t need all that, but we still love to reward her occasionally because she is our best HuCow with the most developed udders and she’s a fan favorite! Who doesn’t love a Katie session!!!

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  1. Oh Katie, beautiful Katie. Your udders are fantastic! Love how they are tied to emphasize their size and maximize their potential. The fucking stimulation sure doesn’t (literally) hurt! A model hucow for the “udders”

  2. QUESTION—What farmer has not dreamt of milking Katie Thornton’s huge massive udders ? Binding Katie to the padded milking frame, applying massage oil on her udders and putting the suction cups of the milking machine over her sensitive nipples is every member’s dream come true. The rope bondage of Katie’s udders and genital stimulation using the hitachi are an added bonus. Katie still grimaces in pain as the goat milker increases the the of her nipples.

  3. monsterskippy

    love it would be great to see her on the sybian with red cow milker

  4. nice

  5. Robaloo—-Nice comment about the rope bondage of KATIE THORNTON’S udders. Members can only hope for similar Updates with KATARINA HARTLOVA and VINA. Tori who made a comment on November 24th under ARIEL’S November 23, 2019 Update—Would you please provide an e-mail address to view your pictures ? I am sure HuCow.com management will make the right decision on whether you should become a member of the HuCow Herd.

  6. Beautiful Katie. What a great set of tits. Beautifully bound like hanging fruit. So tempting to feel and touch.

  7. Love the rope bondage. Great inclusion!

  8. Northfarmer

    Check out her video at Grabbedgirls.com. Her udders are being grabbed by a lucky guy, while she is tied down to a bed.

  9. Katie has always been one of my favorites! Even though she doesn’t need the sexual stimulation I would love to see a clip of her on the new frame getting double stimulated like the clip that Darina did. I am sure that a lot of members would agree.

    • God YES! Especially now that Katie-cow is lactating a bit! It would make my year to see her bound, fucked, vibed, and milked at the same time. The dildo fucking might actually encourage some more milk droplets from her soon to be bountiful udders. Of course, if you could get a real bull in there to breed the little heifer that would do wonders to her udders. Hope you do this to her soon Admin!

      • I totally agree with Kelly. I don’t see the harm in the dildo fucking or “bull” breeding Katie as well as some of the other cows. Kelly, you read my mind.

  10. You need to get goldie blair to do this but with a leather hood gag on her

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