Charlie Ten – new HuCow

Charlie Ten – new HuCow

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Cute Charlie Ten actually emailed us to be added to the herd. We love it when aspiring HuCows report to the farm! Charlie has been browsing our website for years, and she decided it was time to find out for herself if she would make a good HuCow! We wasted no time, got rid of all of her clothes and collared her. We placed nipple suckers on her teats so she would be better prepared for the goat milker. This machine is not easy for first-timers, so we helped her a little more: we made sure to oil her udders for smoother milking, and we put a magic wand between her legs to keep her distracted. Charlie did great!! We are definitely going to keep training those cute udders!

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  1. Welcome Charlie Ten !!! Such a nice collar – her teats look perfect for milking – even better oiled – love how the suckers fit and with her on the bed with the wand urging her on.

  2. Another beautiful HuCow in training added to the Herd. The milking bed allows Charlie’s udders to hang downward waiting for the farmer to apply oil to her teats. The goat milker did its job by increasing the size of Miss Ten’s nipples. Welcome Charlie Ten to the farm.

  3. she is very hot and has very beautiful boobs!

  4. Welcome Charlie Ten as a hucow to the farm. What a perfect set of tits to go with her lovely red hair. I would definitely love to volunteer to oil her tits for future milking. The farmer definitely, must keep this one.

  5. Excellent job Charlie 10, I hope you enjoyed yourself, and if the farmer accidentally leaves the magic wand in place for an extra few minutes between pictures, you’ll just have to enjoy yourself

  6. Charlie Ten is a beautiful girl with a sexy body “red heads eh?” and a lovely intelligent face… perhaps too intelligent for her own good. Girls like that are dreamers and fantasists, they let their over active imaginations run away with them and do crazy impulsive things like… oh… for example… e-mailing some dodgy web-site and volunteering to be a hu-cow. I wonder when exactly the panic set in? When it was she suddenly realise that fantasy could be a lot different from reality? Was it when the collar clicked forever into place? Or when you burned all her clothes and told her she was going to be nothing but naked livestock for the rest of her life? When she realised she was never leaving the barn? Or when she was spanked on her perfect little bottom for no particular reason at all.

  7. Thinking out loud. If you need an extra hand, I have worked around livestock love to help. I am also do massages. Helps an animal to stroke them prior to milking them. Keeps them quieter.

    There is a big demand for tit milk You could sell this on line. Ship it frozen strictly for collector item. Avoid all reg’s

    I would also sell tours. Split the money with the hucows. Sure they could put on a show come milking time. Set up a little seperate tit show with the hucows sucking on each other breasts and little lessie action. Do tour of hucows in their stable etc etc.

    Just some thoughts.

  8. As we now have a number 54, i think Charlie needs a name change to just number 10, now if we could just give the others Hucows numbers, Katie would have to be number 1, Vina number 2 and so on!

  9. Barbiebnymph

    Is she preggo? If not when will she be bred to increase production?

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