Lisa – nipple training

Lisa – nipple training

Lisa is a redhead HuCow with freckled udders! So nice! Remember when she first came in asking to be a HuCow? Then she returned 4 years later, her udders had tripled in size! Today, she gets more nipple training, as those teats haven’t grown as much as her udders. The electronic breast training machine with milking cups attached is the perfect way to elongate those nipples! We start with some clover clamps of course, and we add a locking ballgag just in case. Lisa is a real trooper, she even got through the fastest speed on this machine! We need to give her more sessions soon!

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  1. Northfarmer

    I’d love to see Lisa in my barn ! So I can take lots of pictures of her tripled-sized udders.

  2. It is nice to have an Update with this beautiful red haired HuCow after only fifteen weeks. The electronic breast training machine will help to elongate her nipples if the farmer has many more sessions with Lisa like this one. Maybe for her next Update can members see Lisa on the milking bed with a farmer applying oil to her udders before the milking cups of the red cow milker work to extend her teats.

  3. she is very hot, put her at doggie style fucked by a machine on next milking!

  4. I’m going to need this done to me. I wonder if there is anywhere near central Florida I can begin my training a few hours a week 🤤

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