‘Can I be a HuCow please?’

‘Can I be a HuCow please?’

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Wow, HuCows are starting to volunteer here at the milking station! Cute Liza came all the way over to try the goat milker on her soft sensitve natural udders. She was even wearing a special lingerie body that left her exposed for milking! We love docile HuCows, no bondage needed, they even milk themselves! Liza was a little frightened but she managed to get her teats enlarged quite a bit!

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  1. DarthFugue

    Wait… WHAT???

    They’re “VOLUNTEERING”???

    This is an OUTRAGE!!!

    The practice, of “Volunteering”, MUST BE STOPPED!!!


    Otherwise, what’s the point of “TRAINING” them…?

  2. DarthFugue

    [Sidenote: I was inserting emoticons, throughout my Posting… It would be helpful – and, appreciated – if this site supported them, as well…] :)

  3. Melker123

    I like this voluntary. Now must Liza, learn only moo well and voluntarily wear a nose ring. The Liza ordendlich milk are of course also important. Cows should, but his zunindest fixed with a chain around the neck, in her parlor. At my request, the milk the cows while carrying a small cowbell, nothing has changed. I hope that many will be met.

  4. Bler0707

    I agree, with darth. I liked the fact that they were milked in the bondage against their will. There’s no bondage what so ever in this scene, it goes against the original nipple torture/bondage you went for in the beginning. She’s standing there with no restraints, enjoying it all, it’s a very good scene still just not anywhere as interesting and exciting as the ones prior, Katie is still my all time favorite! I give you props on the amazing site. No site to compare!

  5. hojojitsu

    I like this scene. Liza had a nervous curiosity that I find really appealing. Don’t get me wrong, I like the heavy bondage too, but this makes for a nice change of pace every so often.

  6. slouma222

    i liked

  7. Is it possible for a breasted male to be a hucow?

  8. is so bether if you push her a one of thes pump or vacum in her clit in the same time, uff….

  9. Please bring her back to fram and put her on a hight speed milking on the red cow milker

  10. Such a shame we only have one video from Liza, surely she deserves to live out her fantasy for us over and over?

  11. Oh I love those soft, slight hanging udders.

  12. I would love for you to come over and let me milk your tits for you

  13. Drakos19

    This is amazing !!!

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