Little Caprice pumped

Little Caprice pumped

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Unbelievable but true: we managed to capture the famous Little Caprice in some metal stocks! She’s so cute! Okay, she was a little scared when she found out there was a double breast pump strapped to her perky udders, but with some careful education and training, even Little Caprice could become a good HuCow! A very cute one!

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  1. DarthFugue

    Aww! She really *IS* CUTE!!!

    Can I “Play” with her?

  2. verry good; next time ask Little Caprice to joine milking in a “all four on the ground ” Frame and use the cattle-milkmachine…..would be a new experience for her and for all visitors of this site.

  3. Goat milker on Little Caprice

  4. Electronic breast training machine on Little Caprice

  5. I will love to see little caprice back as well as nelly

  6. Too bad not to show her nipples after succion !! Great experience though !

  7. udderlover

    I love to see this pretty HuCow suffer. I prefered her in the barn naked as most cows are.
    It was good to have a close up of her nipples being stretched during milking. Her udders are fine but her teats need stretching a bit more. Needs more milking.

  8. Caprice is a cute cow.She has lovely udders Her teats need a little enlargement.
    I would love to milk this sexy cow.

  9. Caprice having her tits sucked and milked as a hucow is a highly stimulating video!

  10. How did you ever entice such a star into your barn? She continues to be a delight with her performances. She may be the last girl I would have expect to make such a contribution and submit to such useful training.

    • Thank you for appreciating how exceptional it is to have this girl on this website.

  11. Drakos19

    She is the Best!

  12. Sissy Slut Tina

    A double breast pump would be welcome.

  13. Sissy Slut Tina

    Please introduce me to a hubull.

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