Cory – I want to believe

Cory – I want to believe

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Big boobed Cory was lured into the HuCows waiting room, and I was spying on her from a distance. What a great pair of udders! I just had to wait until she would be unconscious so I could feel those incredible breasts and drag her to the milking frame! Cory actually wasn’t very scared. She even smiled a few times, out of uncertainty, but watching the video, you get the feeling that she likes being milked! She looks awesome, udders hanging down, goat milking machine pumping away, with her tattoo that says it all: ‘I want to believe’. I’m keeping her.

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  1. Juicy! Love this hucow slut slave! Would be better if she was ballgagged or penisgagged. Nursing bras a must, as well as nipple clamps!
    Love how her teats get so big after suction :)

  2. Yes she was, & that is how she & the other slut slave hucows should be kept :)
    Use nipple clamps & nursing bras too- you’ll see how much We like it!

    • NICE! Cory Spice is absolutely gorgeous. Love this clip and love this site with such gorgeous looking women and such beautiful looks. Dear Webmaster we know this shoot was several years ago and there have been subsequent updates but PLEASE bring back Cory Spice to this site. She is such a wonderful beautiful creature and her PIERCED NIPPLES look even more fabulous on her body frame. Would also recommend bringing some more exotic oriental or asian models to this site. NICE!! Would also love to see more nipple suction action as well as models with PIERCED NIPPLES. THANKS!!!

  3. nice titts driping nippels

  4. DDTittieLover

    Her tities look incredible post milking.

  5. HUCOW Should not be Wearing Clothes at all

  6. Agree with BUGGA25 – she should be completely naked like in “Cory – on all fours” (but should wear heels).

  7. HUCOWS WEBMASTER, Please bring Cory Spice back to your website. Cory is UDDERLY FANTASTIC and a great bdsm/fetish model with a gorgeous body, PERFECTLY PIERCED NIPPLES especially from the last update, and a defiant as well as orgasmically beautiful model for this site. Cory has not been seen lately and it would be a great shoot to see how much and how hard she can CUM on your site especially when strapped to the SYBIAN once again.

  8. Drakos19


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