Angelica – German cow

Angelica – German cow

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We will just keep adding new cows to our collection, to see who is suitable for long term breeding and milking. This week we have German cow Angelica, who wasn’t very happy being fondled and restrained in a very uncomfortable milking position. Her collar is chained so she can not get out of the frame, leaving her juicy udders dangling. The goat milker was a torment for her, but it is her first time! Great nipple enlargement on this one! Enjoy!

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  1. This slut slave is cuter than the last (good). Would love to see them all wearing nursing bras (with framed cups), & ballgagged or penis gagged- it’s fun to watch them as the gag helps them to ‘moo’.
    Here are a few ideas that you can use for (nipple clamps, gags, goat milker on clits, etc.):

  2. luncai88

    I like cows in heels, bondage and gags. Hope this site will stay and grow bigger and bigger. Good work!

  3. Melker123

    I love this German Hucow, she is sweet, has beautiful udders.
    This type costuming, would be nice to further humiliation.

  4. Rrrr… what a stubborn slave pet – she definitely deserves more milking sessions!

    Maybe it’s possible to combine the next shoot with this famous “one bar prison” here:

  5. MilkingLover

    I am still unclear why these cows aren’t routinely gagged and made to ride a Hitatchi during their milkings; the more they come to understand being voiceless and orgasmic during their service, the happier they will be as cows. As for the shoes…well…ridiculous. Barefoot is best.

  6. she should be down on all four with the red-cow-milker full Speed and from behind a fucking-machjne at medium Speed; and of course a ball-gagg harnish,

  7. Milkula

    My German hucow was Hildegard. I tethered and milked her the way she was ecstatic about. In a treehouse in the woods overlooking a gorgeous and stunning view of a lake surrounding it with a glass floor and sky-lite. Here are the props used per her desires. Large comfy bed next to a panoramic window left wide open with two fans focused on her compellingly ‘perfect for milking’ wunder globes.
    When I talked rough German to her she would get tantalized and very wet below. At this point it brought about visible signs of a thrill engulfing her transforming, throbbing milkers. She wanted me to get every drop of love filled sweetness, warm and thick and ummm rich. Yummmm!

  8. Drakos19

    Great grea great!!!

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