Katz – angry cosplay cow

Katz – angry cosplay cow

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We spotted Katz at a cosplay event, in her tight corset, boobs almost popping out of her dress. This goth girl has huge natural udders!! We just had to lure her over to our waiting room, so we could trap her in the milking frame, huge udders swinging freely. Katz is a very agressive Hucow, so she is not going to like her first time on the goat milker. But it has to be done! She needs training! And we had a little result already after this first milking session, so she is a keeper!

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  1. Melker123

    I Love Katz fat udders and her beautiful nose ring, as I wish it to me at hucows. But the best is the first milk. Would not even want the Katz and Katie together are milked. Completely naked and I would like sometimes see their pussies. Thank you.

  2. Angelica

    hot nippels

  3. slouma222

    How to get them,,??

  4. AltijdGeileVent

    I would love to see Rachel Aldana with her huge tits and nipples being milked like this!

  5. Drakos19


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