Angelica – extra stimulation

Angelica – extra stimulation

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Most of our cows are not producing yet, so we have been looking into ways of speeding up the process by extra stimulation. Some members suggested that horniness might increase hormone flow and therefore could have a positive effect on production. Our German cow Angelica is the first test subject for this theory. We locked her to a milking frame on all fours, and installed a fucking machine behind her. This way we can control the speed of the fucking machine as well as the milking machine, stimulating her from both sides. Hooked to the vicious goat milker and gagged, Angelica produced a few interesting moans (complaining? enjoying?) as the speed of the fucking machine was turned up. Let’s hope this works!

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  1. Jan Ivan Karpis

    Angelica is one of the best in your stable. Looking fwd for possible return of Katie as well as Little Caprice, a cow from my homeland.

  2. FarmerNorth

    Wooow, I hope more Cows get this ‘extra stimulation’.

  3. TheThom

    Great, this extra stimulation should become standard.

  4. DarthFugue

    I would’ve used a MAGIC WAND vibrator (on her clit), than the FUCKING MACHINE: it does not take batteries; and the orgasms should (in theory) be “more beneficial” with a vibrator, than with a FUCKING MACHINE – thus, yielding better chances, at “Lactation”!

    You should, still, continue with the HORMONE TREATMENTS, however!

    Together, with the “Enhanced Stimulation”, it SHOULD result in a higher chance of “Milk Flow”!

    • I’d love to see a big black beauty (like Tina Turner) getting the same treatment including the extra stimulation

  5. Inseminator

    Congratz… BEST CLIP so far!!!

    On the screens Angelica looks neither suffering or enjoying… I would also highly recommend to use a Hitachi Magic Wand to give her an controlled orgasm.

    BTW: Is there any chance of a double feature together with Daisy???

  6. JoeMaverick

    Excellent next step in the development of the Hucows! I agree with others, controlled orgasms are an awesome next step toward lactation. Hucow angelica did not seem to have any feeling toward the fucking machine. Why is that?

    A thought, how about a full stable of Hucows producing at the same time? Or at least waiting in line as each one give one at a time.

    Good work! Keep it up and thanks!

  7. Sou louca para ser usada como você ..

  8. MilkingLover

    She seriously needed to be finished off with the wand. Very curious why your cows aren’t made to climax more often–is it some kind law or regulation?

  9. More videos like this please with multiple hucows

  10. SuckingBoobsdry

    Is this her first Porn?

  11. How can I get my 48C teats to produce milk? I am older and have never had kids. Is it even possible? Wanting/Needing some help–and controlled orgasms definitely count!

  12. Well now, that’s added stimulation for the viewer!

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