Extreme breast training

Extreme breast training

Slave Y380 applied to our stables, she wants to be a HuCow very bad. But her udders are quite small, so she will have to undergo the electronic breast training machine to see if we can loosen up that tissue and increase her breast volume. To demonstrate the power of this device, we set it at a pretty extreme setting. It is a painful procedure for Slave Y380, but she needs to go through with this if she wants to join the herd. Her udders are very sensitive, and they are turning red very quickly because of the blood being drawn to the surface by the extremely powerful vacuum. Let’s hope this session worked, because it would be torture to go through this again!

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  1. DarthFugue

    Something tells me that SLAVE Y380 will do “whatever it takes”, to become a “very good” HuCow! ?

  2. Jan Ivan Karpis

    nice one! will there be more of katie, anyway? I know she has artificial boobs, but they look nice anyway

  3. Electro

    Please use electroshock mode for the next sessions!
    Cory was the only one for now to have had, and his results were exceptional! :D

  4. robaloo

    looks like blood being is brought to udder areas too

  5. I’m interested in being a hucow I always wanted to see what it like haveing my tots pumped

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