Daisy & Buttercup – Milking must go on

Daisy & Buttercup – Milking must go on

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Some days the hucows are feeling a bit poorly, sniffing and complaining, but the milking must go on! Daily milking sessions are important to get some results in the end. Daisy and Buttercup are still in the early stages of their training. They obediently lock their collars to the milking frame, but they are chatting way too much, so I had to ballgag them (despite their colds), which made breathing harder and caused more drooling. But they know they should not talk, so it’s their own fault. Also, the goat milker was still on a higher speed setting, but I couldn’t be bothered to turn it down again, so it really wasn’t a very lucky day for these ladies! Oh well, the milking must go on!

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  1. DarthFugue

    Those HuCows NEED to “take their Vitamins!!!” ? ? ????

  2. so how much milk do they give per session???

  3. love them both milking them good

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