Mandy – captured stripper girl

Mandy – captured stripper girl

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When I saw Mandy perform in a club, I really had to add her to my stables! She is tall and blonde, with endless legs and a great body. But she’s also very arrogant, which made me feel like teaching her a lesson. It was easy to book her for a private dance in my location, and Mandy was still as tall and arrogant as ever. But that soon changed, when she got cuffed to a waist belt, collared, and ankle cuffed. The double breast pump was strapped to her perky boobs and the dancing was over. Mandy’s ordeal has started, I have big plans for her!!

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  1. A new face… wow, these lips are made for sucking a giant dildo while getting milked.
    Tie up her long hair and show us her erected nipples at the end…

  2. robaloo

    Work those udders. The double breast pump is perfect for her!! Endless pumping!!!

  3. fotofrank

    Personally, I think we can already rule out the Electronic breast training machine for this one.
    We wouldn’t want to damage somethings now would we?

  4. Hope u get some east Indian cows on here soon, moooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  5. Love this machine, love milking.

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