Alais – high speed milking

Alais – high speed milking

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Poor Alais! This posh UK hucow is just too curious! She wandered into the stables again, and she found our milking frame. She was intrigued by the heavy shackles, but quickly said ‘oh no, not for me!’, remembering her painful sessions from before. For some reason, Alais always gets exhausted from milking, even more than any of our other girls. Maybe she is out of shape and she just needs more training. We tried to find out by capturing her, locking her to the frame and milking her with the vicious goat milker. And then turning the milker up to high speed! Alais was furious! But she was too tired to talk, her big udders being relentlessly milked by the machine. Great session!

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  1. DarthFugue

    That ought to teach her to keep her mouth quiet! ;-)

  2. TheThom

    Nice to see her. Again apart from to much clothes a great update, you should challenge her curiosity and try to make her interested in one of the Cowmilkers.

  3. Oh my gosh this looks fantastic, I would really like to try it

  4. How often is milking required for beginers and how often do we need to do it

  5. Love how she starts to struggle when you turn the speed up, so cool to see all these different cows milked, how difficult would it be to get models like milena velba? Or hitomi tanaka? Always thought about having them featured on your side, would be great!

  6. NHnipples

    I would love to be locked to this machine. I’d need some training for sure, but I’m dying to try it!

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