Katie – the milking never stops

Katie – the milking never stops

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Katie is our most promising Hucow, and her udders are so full and heavy now! The milking must continue on a daily basis, without too many breaks. But we have to take good care of her, she is already a little bruised and exhausted, so we gave her a small break when she was on the red cow milker. Only for a quick drink from the cow drinking bottle and an oil massage, and then it was straight back to relentless milking. Katie is getting used to her life as a Hucow! That’s all she is now, a docile milk pet slave!

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  1. DarthFugue

    Time to ask the obvious…

    “Getting any Milk, or is it looking to be ‘Time-Not-Well-Spent’ (if you get my meaning)?”

    You SHOULD be getting “Bucketloads”, by now!

    Are you?

    ? + ? = ??

    • with the lack of resistance she is showing , yes…. there should be buckets….perhaps more massaging is needed for continued stimulation

  2. Buckineer69

    I would like to see how much she is producing

  3. If she is not producing yet then daily milking is not enough… frequency duration and intensity all need to be notched up…I suggest double sessions to start, and for no less than 5-10 mins…then each day add 1 min to each session… eventually she will be “made” to produce…

  4. We need to see milk

  5. hope u get skyla novea soon shes pure cream, anissa kate 2, & more black latino & asia ones, even orange cows lol, as milk is a international drink 4 all moooo :)

  6. real time

    show unstaged moive shoot with katie, as she walks from the city, told about the days movie shoot. show backstage preps for her and staged movie shoots.

  7. measure katies udders for every milking, check big they have grown

  8. DarthFugue

    Something just occurred to me: Are her udders “100% NATURAL”? (If you get my meaning!)

    That MAY explain why we haven’t seen any “Lactation”, from her! ? ? ? ?

  9. Katie100% natural

  10. You need to a supply of Domperidone to jump start your cows milk flow, then let the constant pumping take over. Guaranteed results.

  11. Matthew J Kozak

    do you have a relationship with Katie?

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