Tammy from next door

Tammy from next door

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Our very own neighbor girl Tammy walked in this week! She was just curious about our farm, and she decided to have a look for herself. She loves animals! But she did not find any animals, just a strange frame with an even stranger machine next to it. We have always wanted to milk Tammy, we have been looking at her for a few years. Now 20 years old, Tammy has developed the softest and most gorgeous boobs you can imagine! We couldn’t pass up this opportunity: we captured Tammy and satisfied her curiosity: a nice (quite high speed) session on the vicious goat milker, to get those soft udders developing. She was fighting at first, but the milking was so exhausting she eventually gave up. Let’s see if she will ever be brave enough to return to our farm!

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  1. DarthFugue

    If TAMMY is anything like your li’l “Bovina”, she might be hooked, on your machine… and, make a “Return”, to your barn…! ? ? ? ??

  2. After watching Tammy I have a great idea for a clip… Tammy and little bovina shacked facing each other and on the cow milker so they can see what being milked looks like as well as the others facial expressions. It would have to be a live scene with no cuts…and would be a test of endurance first one to “moo” or tap out is the loser.

    Then your next clip would be the winner setting the loser up on the breast training machine as punishment for losing. The winner gets to control the setting on the machine as well.

  3. Tammy is awesome. Love the real girl face her socks, her chucks she is perfect get her back fo mire

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