Vina’s success story

Vina’s success story

Vina is one of the most successful HuCows in our stables! She started as an eager 19-year old wannabe cow, with very small boobs, but with a huge desire to become a permanent HuCow. She worked very hard, was milked many times, and even went on the breast training device to get bigger udders, a painful but necessary process. Remember her Cow Milker session where she wanted MORE after the milking was finished? She is so amazing, some members have lovingly nicknamed her ‘Bovina’. And look at her now! Her udders have grown so much (yes you will not believe this)! Now we turn our attention to her nipples, they need to be elongated. We use a very special configuration, with the electronic breast training machine and special nipple cups, her nipples are stretched to the max and then milked and pulsated. We even stimulate her a little, sexually, to get her hormones going. Don’t miss today’s update!!

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  1. I think that little bovina, needs to be milked more…she isnt getting enough machine time

  2. Great update. To make the setup perfect, add two little things
    1) use a spreader bar to open her legs wide
    2) ball gag her

    And finally, let her drool and moan during milking session with help of the hitachi device…

  3. DarthFugue

    Our little “Bovina” is growing into a beautiful HuCow, before our eyes!


    It will be a wondrous day, when the Milk flows freely, from her udders!

    ? ? ? ?

  4. hojojitsu

    Oh you are a tease! You use the vibrator for 30 seconds and then stop? How are you going to get any results unless she has long and repeated sessions of stimulation?

    You are just going to have to do this again and again until you get it right.

  5. 好哇你说什么时候能

  6. fotofrank

    I can’t stop but wondering whether or not her udders are now large enough to completely fill the same cups that were used the last time with the Electronic Breast Training Machine.
    I can’t imagine that I’m the only one who is curious to observe this.

  7. Start them young! Get her use to the machines and hooked on the suckling action. Her nipples will grow and harden and with regular action her milk will come in and the cycle of milking can begin…

  8. Can we see a male cow come in and impregnate her

  9. HuCow Lover

    Yes, Vina is HOT, a realy great update.
    To make the setup perfect, add 5 little things

    1. let us see her with a sexy, short leatherskirt and kneehigh Leatherboots
    2. use a spreader bar to open her legs wide
    3. ball gag her
    4. paddle her ass to stimulate her pussy
    5. milk her an use the vibrator till she is loud comming

    And finally, let her drool and moan during milking session with help of the hitachi device …

  10. müllermilch

    The suction strength can be adjusted indefinitely or there is the risk of tearing the nipple off?

  11. Sirrichard2u2

    I would like to see her hooked up to this with the suction turned up to 40

  12. Can you please use this exact set up or at least the same machine set up on Katarina? :)

  13. I want download vdo.

  14. She has such a lovely face, but you need to have just a neck bar, supported by two upright, then the Hucow can be secured by just her arms behind her back as she is bent and locked on to the bar. The nipple cups need to be on for a full hour and as a reward she get 30 seconds of the vibro, then another hour nipple sucking then reward etc for the day.The next day its time for the breast enlarger and the same proccess one hour sucking followed by 30 seconds of the vibro, keep this up for a week, nipples one day breast the next and then she will be ready for the milker.
    During rest peroids if given any, arms keep locked behind at all times while in her stall, during the day she stands secured by a short neck chain to the wall but only night time she is allowed to lie down.
    Another item you might think about is a walker, where one to six Hucows could be neck chained to an over head beam, which is contected to a main post and each Hucow walks around and around till the machine stops [ maybe with weighted nipple bells], something like they do to horses

  15. Sex is the best option. Do sex everyday 🙂🙂🙂

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