Katie – the red cow milker

Katie – the red cow milker

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Of course, our resident prize cow Katie has to get used to the new powerful red cow milker too! It will be her primary milking machine for some time to come, and we need to know that she will be able to deal with it. The perfectly trained Katie has now earned her own bell, but it is a solid brass bell (very heavy) and it is very loud. She sometimes scares herself with the sound of her bell. Training HuCows is a long process, you have to repeat things a lot and make them docile and willing is not easy. But with Katie, we are making real good progress! She lubricates her own boobs, and places the cups on her own nipples. Next time we will use a milking frame again though, because she needs longer and faster milking sessions!

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  1. DarthFugue


    “Got Milk?!” ? ? ?

    (You should’ve seen some “results”, by now…!) ?

  2. Milk or no Milk Katie is the very best Hucow.

  3. Stompler

    Yay, a nice big cow bell to match her nice big udders!

  4. if she had results last time I would expect to see some this time. I think she needs to be milked several times a day to stimulate her. For longer more intense times.

  5. Melker123

    The bell around its neck is very sexy. All Hucows should wear bells.

  6. milk lover

    Canadian pornstar Jemma Valentine you should get, chatted 2 her on twitter she is interested in ur gr8 site, ask anissa kate too, gr8 new uploads guys keep the gr8 work.

    • Sure, lots of American and Canadian girls are interested, I receive a lot of emails from women every day, but who will pay for their flights to the Netherlands? That is quite impossible I’m afraid.

      • Have you tried outsourcing? The ladies in the other countries purchase some equipment, shoot a few videos for you, and you critique them so they improve?

        Plus if all the ladies came to your place, where would they all sleep? Even worse, they might want to stay for more than a weekend, and you’ll have hucows all over the house, each wanting a turn with the machine, then asking you to rub them to make them feel better. You wouldn’t have any time for work. ;)

        • Time for work? This is my work! ;) Yes, I know, it is a hard job, but someone has to do it.
          But outsourcing is a good idea, have been looking for other farmers or even video guys for a while now.

      • milk lover

        Hey Holland is a cool country can’t u ask ur gov 4 a grant lol. But i’m sure you’ll end up getting more pornstars. You guys need to do something to put u guys on the map, like ghetto gaggers did with lacey duvalle. As 2 make money gotta spend money. Man Mia Khalifa that would b a coup, moooooooooooo! So good luck 2 u all @ hucows.

        p.s Hope u do porn parody and cosplay 2 keep up the gr8 work, u got lots of fans many more 2 cum ;) Haha get it i know boooooo.

  7. Her cowbell dongling so vulgarly while her big udders sway from side to side is so wonderful. It brings everyone’s attention to the big boobed hucow.

  8. Jan Ivan Karpis

    Are you also hire actresses from non-adult area? There are nice ones, for example czech actress Jitka Čvančarová, maybe Berenika Kohoutova. Of course, do not know if they are interested, but maybe worth to ask. From adult Czech scene I highly recommend Katerina Hartlova as well as Iva Kleinova.

  9. I have always wanted to start a non profit where milking women could get a massage and pay me to hook them up to milk them. Donate the milk to babies and call the business “Tits for Tots”

  10. alexfrmindia

    nice , i quite enjoyed it , plss call emma butt , she is my fav

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