Lulu – high speed milk maid

Lulu – high speed milk maid

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Lulu’s mature big natural udders need daily care, massage, and milking! That is a lot of work! Fortunately, we have a farmhand to help with Lulu’s caretaking (if you’d like to apply too, please write us an email!). These huge milk maid udders have been milked a lot, so today it is time to step it up a little and change the speed of the goat milker! The nipples are pulled into the cups much further with high speed milking, which is a little bit more unpleasant, so we had to shackle Lulu to the milking frame on all fours to prevent her from bolting or moving too much. She is becoming a very well-trained cow, but she needs to get used to higher speeds. Starting today.

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  1. I think hucows have the potential to bring about peace on earth. We need greater distribution, though. Can you imagine going off to war and leaving your hucow? Of course not.

  2. gynecologist

    her udders are perfect, I hope there will be some more sessions with her!

  3. I want to be a hucow so much
    I’m looking for a hucow farm
    In SoCal I’d like to stay awhile

  4. I would like to see more Lulu on her hands and knees naked with the red cow milkers on her beautiful udders

  5. she is a great milky animal, I would have liked to see her be milked completely naked like other cows :)

  6. Eine der geilsten hucow wie ich finde. Man müsste Lulu wieder zurück holen und sie mit den roten kuhmelker zum mit Katarina melke

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