Increasing Nelly’s udder size

Increasing Nelly’s udder size

Nelly! She does not even want to be here. But she is, and her sessions (first session, high speed session) always caused her a lot of discomfort. Does she have potential? Probably, maybe her udders need to be enlarged a little.
We have the perfect machine for that. The problem is, this session isn’t going to be fun either. Poor Nelly. She does have a perfect body though, all stretched out on the bed, completely naked. It’s just that she could use a little more… volume. Nelly was very afraid of what was going to happen next. And rightly so, because the Electronic Breast Training device has incredible vacuum power (be very careful trying this at home). We had it on quite a high setting until Nelly’s udders were almost completely filling the cups! That’s a lot of power!
Nelly was definitely not happy, it was torture, but it is needed to become a good hucow. A few more of these breast training sessions and we might try to hook Nelly to a goat or cow milker again!

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  1. The pictures look great!
    She is a hot one, didn’t you had the wish to tease her a bit by playing with her helpless pussy when she lies in front of you like this? I couldn’t resist! Well I’m really curious to see the video when I get a possibility of downloading it tomorrow.

    Keep going with this great site.

  2. I want to see the total milk drained out if those titties

  3. DarthFugue

    I would’ve been the first, to submit a post… but, my STUPID NIECE decided to get a job, at “daycare” – RUNNY NOSES, CONSTANT COUGHES, and HIGH FEVERS – and she brought them all home, where I live!!!

    She would make a “perfect hucow”, for your PERMANENT STOCK – she’ll need a “little enlargement”, to begin with…

    The best part?

    She already has the perfect HuCow Name: “SAMANTHA”! ? ? ?

  4. Any chance you could tell me the model of that machine, just so i can look up the full statistics list?

  5. gynecologist

    I definately would have worked on her vagina at the same time!

  6. I would love if you did more videos with her, anymore planned in the near future?

  7. mlkmywfpls69

    She is not numbered. They all need to be numbered. It would be nice to see how u got them in the first place.

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