Nelly added to the stables

Nelly added to the stables

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Cute hucow Nelly is the latest addition to our stables! She will be hooked to the milking machine on a daily basis for training, let’s hope we will get some lactation out of her beautiful udders! That might take weeks though, so Nelly has got a tough time ahead of her! She seemed to do pretty well this time, her teats elongated to twice their original size. She might prove to be a good addition to our herd!!

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  1. I love that she doesn’t complain that much

  2. Wow, what a great cow with a tail… I love the fear and anger expressions in her eyes.
    It would be perfect with her on all fours. But next time cuff her so that she couldn’t touch her nipples!

    In general all udders should only be manhandled (cleaned, kneaded, sucked, …) by the milker guy or girl… ;)

  3. robaloo

    oooohhhh Nelly

  4. robaloo

    She is kneading her udders already!!!!

  5. This is cute!

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