Jade Samantha is a screamer

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This new cow is a screamer! Yes, she is on her knees with her arms locked in metal, in a very very tough and awkward position, and her udders are milked by a goat milker at full power, but that’s no reason to scream like this! Next time I will need to gag her, I can’t have this screaming here in the stables.

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  1. hojojitsu

    I agree, she definitely needs a gag. If that doesn’t work, some additional discipline may be in order. She needs to learn her place as a milker.

    • I’d suggest a good smacked bottom will probably suffice and add pleasure for us dumb viewers!

  2. DarthFugue

    Someday, you’re going to hook someone up to those devices, to be milked, and you will be surprised… when milk begins to flow, from their nipples…!

    • The more often we milk them, the bigger the chance! We already saw some lactation!

      • Skirlasvoud

        “The more often we milk them”

        So for how long do you keep these girls for? Is each a month long journey?
        I’d pay good money to see that, but I don’t think you can back up that claim. ;-)

        • I know… the website will have to grow, more members means I can keep girls for longer, make more elaborate reports and stories about their progress, and milk them at least two times a day. I hope to develop this website into a farm experience, but it will take a year or two.

          • Skirlasvoud

            I like your vision admin. ;-) Thanks for the reply. I’ll keep an eye on the site and let fellow kinksters know.

      • Biggus Dickus

        She can suck on my boner next time

  3. Melker123

    I would be very happy if the hair of the cows were tied so that they do not hang from the udders. I enjoy so how they want to be milked and the like to see all. It would certainly be interesting times to see how a cow during milking fucked. :)

  4. Herbert

    Diese Kuh ist einfach großartig anzusehen . das ihre Arme nach hinten gestreckt werden ist super , denn dann kommen die Nippel gut nach vorn . aber das diese Kuh so schreit ist unmögich . Beim nächten mal sollte die einen Knebel erhalten . DIese Kuh macht den Eindruck das sie sehr wiederspendig ist . Für diese Art der Kühe gibt es eigendlich nur Option : sie müßte so fixiert werden das sie sich nicht merh bewegen kann . Am besten am Halsand oder noch besser durch einen ring duch die Nase smat einer strammen kette .

  5. a tight gagg (ball or penis) and fix her tighter… possibly into the “down on all four fram”;
    and if she still shouts too much, whipp her ass…but good;

  6. Id whip her arse while i am fucking her love tunnel

  7. Magnificent! Jiggling titties, pretty young lady… Some pokeher in the pussy would be awesome.

  8. Drakos19

    Super sexy lady!

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