Juli milked again

Juli milked again

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As promised, we are going to milk some of our cows more often to see if any good results can be achieved, like inducing a little lactation and getting bigger teats. Juli is back in the milking rack for some more time on the goat milker, and she does really hate the painful and relentless suction! At first, she thinks it is maybe not so bad, but after a while you can see her expression change… this is torture! Her nipples were twice the size after this session!

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  1. DarthFugue

    You need to have some more sessions – at FULL POWER!!! (Really S-T-R-E-T-C-H & ENLARGE those nipples!) ;)

    I just LOVE it, when they’re in the Rack – getting their nipples SUCKED upon, by the unrelenting machines! (It makes me wonder “what would happen, if/when the machines ruled the Earth – if it would be like this, for the women?”) ;)

  2. Her teats are getting better and bigger by the session. You should get a great deal from her. Love the spread giving easy access and hopefully a greater flow.

  3. Poor Juli! I don’t think she enjoyed that one bit. Who (besides me) would like to see those floppy natural tits of hers sucked completely dry? So that they just dangle down to her waist like two empty bags of skin? They’re already looking a little lop sided after this working over… so maybe a further milk rack session, with a really high powered machine next time, would finally break the dam and suck all that juicy milk out.

  4. peter POLWARTH

    Love her – she is just great and love her collar.

  5. Drakos19

    This is awsome!

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