The perfect HuCow!

The perfect HuCow!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we found her! The perfect HuCow is here! When we saw Katie walking down the street, we knew we just had to lure her into our waiting room. She has got the hugest udders you’ve ever seen!! We have decided to add her to the stables, she will require very regular milking to get her flow going, but it will be worth it! She will be subjected to daily milkings until we get some results! Katie won’t like it, but it has to be done!! Join now to see this incredible new girl hooked to a real goat milker, locked in metal bondage! You have never seen anything like this!

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  1. Melker123

    I Just LOVE it.

  2. wow….this is amazing

  3. hojojitsu

    She’s very docile, just like a good cow should be. I’m sure she will make an excellent addition to the herd.

  4. How about a tail butt plug on these girls? Is that out of question? Great clips so far!

  5. LatexAndBagLover

    Very nice. It would be great if you would tie theirs breasts with rope or tape before putting the milking machines on their tits.

  6. Il love all these hucows. I’ d like to see them having controlled orgasm on sybian for exemple during pumping session

  7. Robbedoes101

    These udders demand to be milked on a regular basis. I bet she will learn to love the “milker” after a few sessions, noticing her teats to swell each time she undergoes her milking.

  8. And what about a cowsuit or painting ?o)

  9. Katie in rubber cowsuit (black and white)!!

  10. That is my absolute wish! Bring her on… rubber cowsuit and rubber boots, rubber gloves, …boobs dangling free,…milked,,,,…and, if possible, fucked and pissed on. :-)

  11. Yes, I too would like to see some tail type buttplugs in them whilst they are being milked! Get one of those real fur tails! Also, get some models that will do hardcore, so they can be fucked while on these rigs you made! Seeing them being fucked while the goat milker is milking them …. now, that would be PERFECT!

  12. DDTittieLover

    Her titties look incredible hanging down waiting for a milking. Great udders.

  13. loves titys

    great looking udders stretch them a little to make them bigger

  14. God I love those Huge breast, especially if they are filled with milk. I’d like to see here get milked until she is dried up to the very last drop. I want to see the milk being sucked out of her breast. Oh what a turn on.

  15. I get so turned on by being milked. My nipples get so achey that I no longer wear bras. Wearing a leather harness to support such udders would be perfect support. I always crave sucking I could for hours. However I do believe that Hicks’s always need to be plugged. Very soothing and calms my hysteria. Breeding would naturally follow over and over. Thank You for displaying Katie. She give me hope that I will find my Farmer

  16. Drakos19

    She really is perfect!

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