Our first black HuCow

Our first black HuCow

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Dani was curious about our milking room, so we let her in… She ended up in leather bondage, strapped and chained to the milking frame with her long soft udders dangling freely! Dani did not like her first milking session. It hurt her nipples a lot, even though the goat milker was not at full power, and she did not like the farmer checking her for milk flow by squeezing her udders. Maybe she will get used to it. Her long natural udders are perfect for milking! A perfect candidate to add to the barn.

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  1. Melker123

    She is a very beautiful black cow with beautiful hanging udders. What I also like the leather restraints.

  2. DarthFugue

    There used to be (before the entire world became “P.C.”) a “Joke” – about the KIND of Milk, that would come, from a Black Woman… I’m NOT about to Repeat it…!

  3. I like that she complains about it. Especially being touched. How about the other device? You only used it twice. Some fantasy milking would be nice.

  4. I like it more when they complain and want to be released instead of saying nothing. The clips need more interaction between the hucow and the milker. More touching and more complaining about it.

  5. AltijdGeileVent

    Hopefully more black/ebony (big titted) models come here for some good milking!!!

    • AltijdGeileVent

      Wonder if ebony women with huge tits like Maserati, Miosotis or Kristina Milan would like to have their massive tits milked on Hucows.com? Would be an amazing sight!

  6. Does chocolate cow give chocolate milk?

  7. Lovely to hear her complain & crying at the end. It would have been even better if she’d started off in a modest secretary outfit / skirt suit, unbuttoned as needed for the milking.

  8. Drakos19

    Fantastic! I like black!

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