Nelly – high speed milking

Nelly – high speed milking

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Locked in a chastity belt and metal stocks, Nelly is ready for her next session. Or actually, she isn’t ready, but we just go ahead with it. She needs more training to get used to regular milking sessions, because last time didn’t go that well. The bondage frame is going to help to keep her in her place. We hook her onto the goat milker again, and this time we will be turning up the speed!! Nelly did not expect that! At higher speeds, the nipples get sucked into the milking tubes a lot further, elongating them and shaping them. Nelly will be ready soon, but we might want to put her on the electronic breast training machine a few times to increase her udder size.

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  1. Stretch those udders!!!

  2. I LOVE how you show her the tool that leads to her agony, a very, very good touch!
    The high speed addition has been my favorite part of each shoot!

  3. Very nice. Love the variable speed. Need some lube on them tits though and maybe the cow milker. Great work keep it up.

  4. Jes the cowmilker is really neccessary, and as strong sucking as possible;
    for this case a bigger sized ballgagg might be needed also;

  5. She is perfect for a similar session; same way fixed, cattlemilker, and… penisgagged plus a vibrator downunder; then it will work….:=)

  6. One of the great things about this model’s interpretation is her expression of outraged disbelief. She’s positively amazed and shocked that this could be happening to her! She’s an independent young woman, after all, not some human COW! And of course, it does no good–she still must submit to the relentless suction because she’s wrong–she is no longer free, independent, or even a woman–she’s a hucow, and will be forever. Some scenes with this kind of futile outrage being crushed by the relentless ordeal of being properly restrained, milked, and used for our amusement would add to the fun indeed–teach them their place with a firm, properly severe, and utterly humiliating treatment over and over and over again. The arrogance of youth and beauty won’t help them anymore–those days are through.

  7. I would love to see you massaging dome lubrication On those breast and maybe an ice cube To help wake up those Nipples First !

  8. SirShocker

    I love that she is in a chastity belt. A cow kept horny and rewarded after a good session.

  9. Drakos19

    Nelly is one of my favorite hucow!

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