Nikki – increasing her udder size

Nikki – increasing her udder size

Nikki came to us, she wanted to be a HuCow very bad. But her udders are very small, so we decided to try our breast training machine again. This time we figured out how to make the vacuum work properly! The key is to regulate the vacuum and release times, and set the release time quite low so the pressure will stay very high. We also hired a nurse to apply lubricant to Nikki’s udders, so they get sucked into the machine even further! It is a common treatment in Asian countries, but it is very painful on a high vacuum setting. Good thing we strapped her to the bed! We are sad to say this treatment did not significantly increase her udder size, more sessions may be needed…

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  1. This is such an amazing position….
    The goat milker should definitely be used in this position! Love this shoot.

  2. It should be used more electricity!

    • The electro wires were not connected. I think this was extreme enough for Nikki this time! But I will add more electro, vibration, and light therapy in the future. This machine can do a lot!

      • I hope to soon see this machine to its fullest potential, and that Nikki and the other cows will be ready for the most extreme sessions! :)

  3. Well, please keep trying. You must fulfill Niiki’s desires to become the best she can be.

  4. I hope we get to see some milk production. Then hook her up to the milker.

  5. excellent work :)

  6. DarthFugue

    I have noticed that Nicky has done ONLY ONE SESSION – unless, she did a “duet”, with another HuCow – and, that was back in Aug., 2015!

    I think that she needs to make a “repeat appearance” – but, THIS TIME, place her on the NEW (Red) Cow Milker! ? ? ?

  7. Diapered her too

  8. Our farm has had a lot of success using a TENS unit to increase udder size and production. I think Nikki might benefit from a little variety in her training

  9. I am here for breast enlargement therapy and to see milk. The cow side is not interesting in my personal point of view. I like this shoot very much.

  10. Has hucow nikki lost her nerve? The only session is this. You promised Electro a session with electrodes. Would be Nice to see her with electrodes to her tits and ass. It would also be Nice to see her struggle on the double-dildoed sybian, with the red cow-milker Attached to her cute nipples!

  11. Drakos19

    Nikki is so good hucow!

  12. Das würde ich auch gerne mal zu spüren bekommen.
    Möchte mich gerne bewerben als Hucow.

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