Nikki Riddle joins the herd

Nikki Riddle joins the herd

Nikki Riddle actually signed up for this intake session! She is a very sexual submissive girl, and she wants to be turned into a HuCow! First, the farmer needs to do some inspection, clamping her nipples, testing her udders, and inspecting her breeding holes. Nikki has very firm udders and her nipples have incredible stretch potential! Also, she loves vaginal and anal stimulation a lot! This is probably one of the most sexual HuCows we have ever added, there are so many possibilities with Nikki! Look at how far the farmer can stretch her nipples in this first session already! Please comment below what the next session for Nikki should be!

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  1. Welcome Nikki – great udders! definitely the pussy pump and the fucking machine are in her … future

  2. Amazing update it’s always nice to see new faces around

  3. Loved watching Miss Riddle’s nipples being stretched within the cups of the electronic breast training machine . A little surprised Nikki’s farmer did not use the clit pump during this session . Maybe in her next session could Nikki ride the Sybian while the red cow milker pumps her firm udders .

  4. Welcome Nikki!
    The inspection showed that she was ready for breeding. Maybe oral training to train obedience?

  5. Nikki is a perfect new addition to the stable. Those teats of her stretch magnificently so I expect her udders will stretch just as nicely as they are developed ready to produce.

    It looks like sexual stimulation should help Nikki cope with the most powerful machines at work on her lovely udders.

    Is there a plan to try and breed her I wonder?

    For sure a fucking machine or vibrator would be a good addition to her milking sessions.

    Seeing her restrained is a lovely view and I hope to see more of her in bondage as her udders and teats are developed and milked

    When she was on all 4’s she looked perfect so I hope to see more of her in that position in the future

  6. With great nipples comes great hucows, “Tower of pain” or “Nipple sensitizers” for Nikki Riddle.

  7. Another welcome addition to the herd!

    Good to see that her natural cow tendencies led her to present with already enhanced udders. No need for that in the teat department though as Nikki has developed nice ripe teats quite naturally.

    Would like to see how those teats adapt to a session on the Red Cow Milker soon.

  8. Seeing her gettibg double breeded and getting milked would be cool to see.

  9. Perhaps her legs restrained over the top of the bed and bent ,so that she can watch her pussy being vibed.

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