Chessie Kay gets prepared for milking

Chessie Kay gets prepared for milking

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Of course we had to recruit famous adult star Chessie Kay for our farm! Her udders are amongst the most famous in the adult industry, so it would be great to see them hooked to a milking machine! But it wasn’t that easy to lure Chessie in… we had to deploy our secret weapon: our fully training pet HuCow Jasmine James! She would be able to convince Chessie! Watch her work her magic on a tied down Chessie, massaging those huge udders to get ready for the milking machine. Stimulating the breast tissue should get the milk flow going. Chessie is a fighter however, we have a feeling she will not let herself be milked without any bondage… stay tuned!

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  1. Oh no :/ we have to wait a whole week to see her get some action on the milking machine? :/ thats dissapointing

  2. I CAN NOT wait to see her get milked, I believe you found the perfect candidate for the cow milker, she looks amazing tied down on her back, she has amazing breasts. Perfect for milking :D

  3. I was a little disappointed that there was no milking this week, but you more than made up for it by having Jasmine coo in her ear “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. After a while, you’ll even learn to like it.”

  4. Very nice with the lube. Cant wait to see the machines. Still need some milk from these girls or a girl who has milk. Very good though

  5. AltijdGeileVent

    I would love to see more huge udders milked by hand.

  6. robaloo

    the perfect bimbo hucow – love seeing them prepped

  7. Drakos19

    Great shoot because of Jasmine.

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