The Cow Milker

The Cow Milker

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Our little 19-year old HuCow Vina is the first to try our new Cow Milker!! You have been asking for it! There are a few problems to overcome. A HuCow only has two udders, so we have to block off the other two milking cups, which makes the vacuum (that is already much stronger than on the goat milker) double in power. So we now have a machine that is about 4 times as strong as the goat milker, it can literally suck a girl’s nipples off!! We need to be careful about the settings, we don’t want to damage our poor Vina!
A strange thing happened though… the milking changed Vina somehow. After we stopped the session to let her recover, Vina picked up the milking cups and asked if she could ‘have a little more’ in her sweet tiny voice. She then proceeded to switch the machine back on and milked herself voluntarily!! What is happening here? Check out the video, maybe you can explain this!

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  1. its nice to see the cow milker finally in action, cant wait to see it put to use on one of your big breasted hucows :)
    this is one of my favorite machines by far!

  2. Fantastic new milking machine. The vaccum sounds so great !!!! Please use that machine also next week ;)

  3. Sounds to me like your little “Bovina” has been thoroughly seduced, by your new machine!


    She wants “MORE!” ;)

  4. You should not let the udder 2 go to waste. Why not show it with 2 hucows face to face? or udders to udders?

  5. Very interesting. Maybe she was turned on by the strength of it. It is alot stronger afterall. Very nice session, can’t wait to see more girls on this machine. Lube them up and milk them. Very good

  6. I can’t explain it, but it’s incredibly hot. I love how sweet and submissive she is.

  7. You should not let the udder 2 go to waste. Why not show it with 2 hucows face to face? or udders to udders?


  8. i will love and see nipples be pulled in suction cup

  9. Im excited to see whos in the new update!

  10. Love this Video :)

    I´ve seen all Videos so far and have one question.
    Will there be a video, in which a Cow will give some Milk?

  11. would like to see one of these girls being fucked by a dildo machine or a man as they are being milked

  12. The explanation is simple. This little cow has learned her place in the world–as a subserviant animal serving her betters. Remember–while bondage and training and milking are imposed on the body….the real subject of the experiment is…the MIND.

  13. Small tit girls are the best! Vina her attitude is awesome

  14. Diapered her.. She might be peeing during hucow process..

  15. I’d rather see her piss, TOO!

  16. marmaduke

    It is a fact that any young woman can produce milk if she is regularly suckled – that means that each of her nipples is sucked on three or four times a day – 10 mins each side – for a couple of weeks. Some girls will start producing milk quicker than others. This is how, in olden days, that an aunt could feed a baby if the mother died in childbirth. All down to survival of the species.

    I hope that some of your young ladies can be coaxed into producing milk. It doesn’t follow that that bigger the breasts, the more milk. Sometimes small breasts can make too much for the baby! If the girls do manage to make milk, let’s hope it will be consumed, not spat out as I have seen in some lactation videos. What a sinful waste!

  17. Agreeing with @wrangler
    With the bondage and fear of not being able to escape her treatment. The The suction triggered her milk glands and in turn made her brain make her feel this is what she had been needing. So her mind made her admit that this is her calling and that her treatment was not quite finished yet.
    The best thing for her is without doubt to continue her treatment and she will become the HUCOW she “needs” to be.

    • Awesome comment. Please comment on more updates, you are describing the HuCow mindset and lifestyle perfectly!

  18. William48

    You guys broke her and now she can’t be fixed EVER

  19. William48


  20. Nothing better than a broken young hucow. She has many years of milking ahead of her.

  21. Drakos19

    I want to see more of this machine and more Vina also.

  22. Sissy Slut Tina

    Milk me please.

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