Chessie Kay – the new pet

Chessie Kay – the new pet

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Aw Chessie is so shy and afraid! Good thing we have our resident HuCow pet Jasmine James to help her with her training. Chessie needs to be milked regularly, but she is very reluctant. We will try it witout bondage for now, let’s see if Jasmine can talk her into trying the goat milker. These two pets have huge udders, if they really want to live here they have to be milked very frequently. Don’t you just love seeing two big uddered pets milking themselvs? Oh, by the way, we accidentally left the goat milker on high speed…

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  1. Normally I would mention the lack of bondage as an issue… but I stand corrected, this update is simply amazing! Love this site more and more each week.

    • Don’t worry, I’ll put these two in bondage soon! It’s much better milking them in bondage!

      • Is there a lifetime subscribe button? Im sold.. and call me crazy, but it looks like jasmines breasts have gotten a little bigger!

    • And I guess they don’t care much for whole kept in a crate thing or the ball gags For that matter but I guess a lot of people do .

  2. I hope next time we will seen the new cow milking machine on tits ;)

  3. I can hear one saying to the udder : “I’ll do yours if you do mine!”

  4. They should be made to act like cows too

  5. It’s good videos so far but maybe some darker lighting could help set the mood in the more bondagy videos. Also I am not sure how explicit you want this site to be but some pussy play while they re getting milked would be a nice addition.

  6. Robbedoes101

    I’d love to see the two of them more or less encouraging to endure the milking process for as long as possible . Maybe even holding each others switches to ones milking machine. Great in some sort of a bondage scenario but it doesn’t HAVE to be.

  7. Chessie isn’t really my type, but I love Jasmine more and more with each video. I love how submissive she is and how she encourages Chessie to join the herd.

  8. These adorable hucows wearing this metal collars all the time makes me rock hard. Please tell me that as soon as one of the girls produces milk, she will get a big cow bell added to her collar as a reward.

    • That is actually a very good idea! Wanted to give them bells sooner, but your idea is better. Are you a member, so you can send this in as a member request?

      • I would love to see them wearing cowbells too! I’m a member. And maybe make them wear nipple clamps with little bells too. So that you always know where they are by the sound of the bells. I know I’ve suggested nipple clamps before but I just love to see them wear nipple clamps so I can’t help but to say it again.

  9. I love watching all the hucows here. I am producing a lot of milk and want to be put on the farm, please milk my big titties

    • DarthFugue

      There is a link (in the shape of a bell), at the TOP, of the Pages – Click on that, and you’ll be “one step closer”…!

  10. some chance to see these girls again?
    In the next video, please let the girls suck and spit each other on the nipples, so the Goat Milker is more effective

  11. Drakos19

    Please, please, please get Jasmine back!

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