Penny Lee lured and milked!

Penny Lee lured and milked!

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Another treat for you!! Big boobed Penny Lee from the UK was lured into our waiting room! This famous glamour star really has a pair of perfect big natural udders, and we couldn’t wait to chain her to the milking frame for a good milking session! The goat milker was doing its best to extract some milk from Penny Lee, and she did not like this feeling at all! It really hurts! But we got a little result! At the end of the session, it looked like a tiny droplet appear from her nipple! There is potential here!

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  1. DarthFugue

    Perhaps, if you turn the machines onto “FULL POWER!”, you might yield some “Results”…! ;)

  2. Let it go…looks like her teats can take quite a bit

  3. I LOVE THIS UPDATE, the model is very attractive and i like the position used.

  4. the only thing i wish you did was turn the speed up!!

  5. AltijdGeileVent

    There are a lot of hot big titted, big nippled Asian women I would love to see getting milked. Some of them are really lactating, so they would be a great asset for this website! Some of the girls:
    Mio Sakuragi, Hitomi Tanaka, Rin Kajika, Fuko, Mona Yuka, Shion Utsunomiya, Rin Kazane, Momoka Marie, Shinobu Mitsuki, Kaori, Rinko, Haruki, Michika, Rumi Yoshizawa, etc………

  6. That asian girls on the new real cow milking machine maybe will be beautiful

    • AltijdGeileVent

      I’m sure they will be great for milking! Always very horny to see women with huge (lactating) tits and/or big nipples!

  7. Thats a very good list up there! Id love to see some of the girls nadine j has as well, melina velba, katarina, ect..
    Some one lactating would be very nice to see ;)

    • AltijdGeileVent

      Thanks Rawerson! Yes, Nadine J and Milena Velba would be great to see getting milked over here too, as well as the girls on their websites, like Miosotis for instance!

      • All this talk about models makes me very excited to see whos in the new update! I love this site.

  8. I’d give her some of my milk , with my boner deep in her tight pussy

  9. Nice to see her finally have her legs wide open so we can all see her lovely sweet tight pink pussy i’d lick her clit for hours and taste her warm cunt juice .

  10. I’ll swap with that machine only i will be sucking her tits while i slip a finger in her snatch

  11. wish I was behind her fucking her tight little pussy until I fill her gash with my spunk

  12. Drakos19

    Awesome beauty!

  13. die Zitze ist sehr vielversprechend, ich denke wenn sie eine wirkliche hucow ist, werden ihre Zitzen richtig markant und leicht zu melken sein, sie werden nichts mehr menschliches haben sondern lang und dick wie von einer richtigen Kuh.

  14. Clitlicker

    Cant believe no one is fucking her

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