New girl Lola – drooling and helpless

New girl Lola – drooling and helpless

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This new milking position was suggested by a fan, thank you for that! New girl Lola hates you now though, because she was the first one to be restrained in this extreme milking position, lying down, her head chained to the wall, drooling through her ring gag. And she drools a lot! Her perky udders are hanging down, she is completely helpless and can not stop me from applying the goat milker to her perfect nipples. Those nipples will be a lot bigger after this first session! This girl will need a lot more training and I’m looking forward to her next sessions already!

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  1. DarthFugue

    Although I didn’t make that “suggestion”, two things are perfectly clear: 1. That’s an “EXTREME” position, to be in, for any amount of time; and, 2. She looks “HOT”, in that position! ;)

    You did “Good”, there, Lola! :)

  2. Perfect milking position for the new cow milking machine. Lola will be perfect for the cow milker :)

  3. I agree that pose is fucking hot, best pose since the ‘all 4’ one.

  4. Oh wow, i love the postion used, typical me wishes the model was bustier but i simply love this update, this site never dissapoints me.
    Now im just looking forward to next saturday!!

  5. I agree, it’s a very hot position.

    An interesting variation for a future video would be to have the cow in a tight hogtie with the head harness chained back to the ankles.

  6. Can you post a video in which a girl is milked in jeans

  7. Loved this video. bravo Lola. Note the way those fine buttocks and lean, well-muscled thighs clench and flex away as she wriggles helplessly in bondage… but can’t do a thing to extricate her from her predicament.

  8. Good video – I like the position. I’d like to see some of getting them into these positions with some resistence on their parts. Even some more resistence during the milking, perhaps making you gag them or add another means of keeping them still. After all they’ve been shoved into this life, so a little more of the fantasy of it all would be great.

  9. Love the postion she’s in, and she should be grateful you gave her a nice soft blanket to lie on [ your too soft with them!]

  10. Drakos19

    Nice Position ;)

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