Cory – bigger and better

Cory – bigger and better

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One of the most dedicated HuCows is back! And her udders have grown so much already!! Cory is now permanently available for milking sessions! She does not really enjoy them yet, but she has dedicated herself to this website. Which means: anyone who wants to order a custom video with Cory can do so now! She can be up to fully naked and up to Goat Milker (not Cow Milker yet) if you want to send in a script for a custom video!
As requested, we now go back to the Double Breast Pump, all the way up to the maximum level (level 9), to see if Cory can handle this. Don’t forget, these machines actually are designed to extract milk, and the suction is really strong (especially at level 9)! Cory does not lactate yet, but let’s hope that will change soon, with more session and maybe a few custom videos for you!

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  1. Wow custom videos now?! This site just becomes better and better.

  2. Cory is HOT!!! i love seeing her back, i would love to see her hooked up to the goat milker in several different scenarios ;) expect an email from me soon!

  3. Would love to see the Hucows be made to put on nipple clamps right after they are milked. In order to keep their nipples elongated for the next milking!

  4. I you like to see the real cow milker in one of the next sessions. That machine will be so great

  5. Is there any twitter Account of her?

  6. What a hot bitch. She needs to be milked daily for sure!

  7. I love you Hucows Cory!

  8. Cory is so good for Hucows!

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