Angelica – “ich will das nicht”

Angelica – “ich will das nicht”

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German cow Angelica is in our stables permanently, so she is available for custom videos (anything you want!). But she needs a lot of training still, so it is time to hook her to the RED cow milking machine. The most powerful machine in our stables, the shiny red machine is quickly becoming one of our favorite training tools. Angelica was locked to the milking frame, but she kept complaining, so we had to ballgag her. “Nein, ich will das nicht!”, she said before the gag slipped in. We don’t know what that means but we will assume she likes ballgags. Time to milk this nude cow! Lots of drooling and moaning, this really took a lot of energy out of poor Angelica. She will have to get used to this.

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  1. DarthFugue

    Looks like that the (RED) Cow Milker is “living up to it’s reputation”, by (practically) “SWALLOWING” the HuCow’s Udders (as evidenced, in your Preview Stills)!!!

    Question: What was the “Power Setting”, for the (RED) Cow Milker, placed at, during this session?

    (Would LOVE to see their ENTIRE UDDERS, being SWALLOWED WHOLE, with this machine…! Would not be “surprised”, if it actually COULD…!) ?

    ? ? ? ?

  2. Soo beautiful ;)

  3. Great Site!!Love your cows keep going on I like to see what will happen next and how they develop.

    Would like too see two restraint cows being milked with the Red Cow Milker face to face.

  4. ich will das nicht means I don’t want that

  5. sweetkashi

    I want to be able to have someone do this to me tbh.

  6. DarthFugue


    Here’s an idea…!

    You’ve got 4 cups, on the machine…

    Hook up 2, onto their UDDERS…

    Then, grab 1 one the unused cups…

    And, place it onto her PUSSY!!!
    (You’ll have to BLOCK THE AIRFLOW, on the remaining cup, to get “proper suction”, on her pussy!)

    Then, watch her squirm-squirm-squirm…!!!

    ? ? ? ?

  7. Dear Nate, thanks for the translation… But a bit late now I’m afraid.

  8. love to see her get pussy or ass fucked while she’s being milked. and cum on those tits!

  9. how do I find a local place in the fraser valley of bc Canada to try a milking machine

  10. SuckingBoobsdry

    Is this Angelica’s first Porn?

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