Vina – the treatment

Vina – the treatment

Young Vina wants to be a HuCow so bad, but her udders are very small. Today, she will get her first treatment with the electronic breast training machine. It seems a little harsh and painful, but it needs to be done! The machine can manipulate breast tissue in various ways, but the most obvious one is the vacuum training. This will make the udders more supple and it stretches the skin a little to enlarge the volume. I applied some oil to make the treatment easier for Vina, but it is still extremely sensitive for her. To have your breasts expanded to 3 times the volume by vacuum is not easy, and it takes time. I try out different settings and programs for her, because she wants this so bad!

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  1. You can tell she really wants them badly, watching so intently. The commitment is in her eyes. Progress is really being made! To become a HuCow is to join a very select group of udders.

  2. cosmogirl456

    Where do you find a machine like this?

  3. If I may suggest a model to feature in a future update, I would request Honeyhair from some of your other sites, she has some very nice breasts that would go perfectly with your machines. =)

  4. Getting a young hucow’s udders to develop properly is a challenge. Getting your herd to produce milk can also be challenging. If I can make a suggestion, I’d recommend switching up your herd’s feed to include plants and herbs high in phytoestrogens; the added estrogen will encourage both milk production and udder development. Soy, whole wheat, lentils, flax, apples, carrots, oats, and rice are all good sources. For calves like Vina that need some extra help, you can buy over the counter supplemental pills at vitamin and nutritional shops; just ask for supplements to aid in lactation for your ‘wife’. Finally, there’s some herbal sources that can be brewed as teas to help out. Anise and Milk Thistle help increase overall milk production, Ginger increases milk flow, and Tumeric lessens inflamation to prevent clogged glands and allow for a longer duration of milking. Some quick internet searches can lead you to more ideas on how to get more out of your herd.

  5. hi doc I want to be a hucow too.

  6. She look nice in diaper too

  7. Watching the farmer prepping and inspecting her breasts is perfect. Love seeing the way her breasts just got plucked and groped. Incredible how her tits are sucked upwards

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