Cow milking Lola

Cow milking Lola

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Lola’s devotion is admirable! She really wants to become a HuCow slave girl, and her training is progressing very fast! She crawls on all fours, she learned to lock her heavy tight metal collar to the milking post, and she does not speak anymore. When encountering the cow milker for the first time however, she was rather nervous. This machine’s powerful suction is so strong that the cups can not even be pulled off by hand when the machine is on. Nipples will completely disappear deep inside the cups. It is a very harsh way of milking, but Lola is determined to do it. To make sure she doesn’t give up (by turning off the machine), I cuffed her hands behind her. She was so overwhelmed and exhausted by the strength of this machine, 4 times more vacuum power than the (already powerful) goat milker, she fell asleep after her milking!

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  1. (I, still, have “No Way” of viewing the DOWNLOADABLE ZIP CONTENT, at the moment – but, I’m working to “resolve” that issue!)

    On a “General Average”, how long are the cows “hooked-up” to the machines, per session?

    Also: would it be “possible” for you to add a “Preview Clip”, of the sessions, as a further means of “Enticement”, to your Loyal Customers?

    I, eagerly, await your Reply…!

    – DarthFugue!

  2. I’m thinking site has now reached the right way.. at the beginning I was suprised that hucows are full or partially clothed (this was a nonsense for me), but now I see you’re doing the right thing, a hucow has to be totally nude expecially when in milking time.

  3. Fantastic video. Please make more cow milker sessions !!!

  4. I agree please make more cow milker updates! the position used was excellent as well, im really enjoying this sites updates

  5. FutureHucow

    I wish I was her! I want to be a Hucow!

  6. im excited to see the next update! saturdays are very nice thanks to this site

  7. I also want to do with horney milf

  8. I really would like to see some real lactating udders, getting emptied over and over. You some serious and proper farming, Admin can you make this happen?

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