Katie – dual breast pump self milking

Katie – dual breast pump self milking

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Katie is becoming such a nice docile pet cow! She is walking on all fours, sleeping in her cage, and when it is time for her milking she voluntarily chains herself to the milking post and milks herself! This is her first time on the double breast pump, so let’s see how that goes! Katie oils her huge udders first, she actually only needs to oil her nipples for milking but I’m not complaining, huge oiled udders look great! Katie’s boobs are so big she can not even see where to place the shields, but with a little help she manages to get a little result! Hooray!!

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  1. OH MY GOD!!! katie is finally producing milk! please put her on the goat milker next week, this update was the best one yet

    • No, no!

      Put her on the COW MILKER, and MILK THAT COW!

      (I, really, wish that the Comments Section was “iPhone Emoticon-Friendly… I’ve got an emoticon of a Cow, that I would LOVE to place, in this Message/Post!)


  2. Katie is fantastic. Top level beauty, sexy body. Thanks

  3. oh . my. goodness. What a beutiful cow she is……wish i could produce milk like that…..

  4. Katie is great would love to see more milk from the cow milker.
    Lara Brookes would be a great Hucow has anyone seen the milk flow from here udders.

    • I agree ben! Lara Brookes would be a wonderful addition! Please get Lara Brookes Admin!

      • Well if you all can find a few more people to join this site, maybe I can afford to fly over US models.

        • You have yourself a deal!

        • Talking about (unrealistic?) US girls, Larkin Love and Peta Jensen are both already lactating.

          Btw. it’s so amazing that Katie started producing milk!

  5. Please give us more katie, we havent seen her on the cow milker yet… i could only imagine O.O

  6. yeah.. agree with Rawersom… more Katie please.

  7. Katie is amazing! I love her huge, beautiful udders and the fact that she is lactating. I would have enjoyed seeing this “nice docile pet cow” open the bottles and drink all her milk at the end!

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