Jasmine and Chessie – schoolgirl HuCows

Jasmine and Chessie – schoolgirl HuCows

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Now that they have been permanently added to the stables, I can do with my two big boobed pet cows whatever I want! They need regular milking sessions, and although Jasmine’s training is a lot further than Chessie’s, today they really didn’t seem to want to start their milking session. So I had to restrain them both to the milking frame. I also dressed them up in cute schoolgirl outfits, just because it looks hot. I had to ballgag them, because they just kept protesting their predicament, but that is not a bad thing. It creates fun sounds when the full power goat milker is applied! It was a hard milking session with these reluctant cows, but I managed to make their nipples grow again! Cow milker next???

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  1. DarthFugue

    Oh, YES!!!

    DEFINITELY, the “Cow Milker”, next time – on “FULL POWER”!

  2. Best vid ever, until now (in my opinion)!!!!

  3. I agree, best update yet! I cant wait to see the cow milker put to use on these two!

  4. The “schoolgirl” outfit suggests an interesting scenario: Perhaps a disobedient girl who defies her “Home Economics” professor one too many times and is made to supply the ingredient’s in the class’s next recipe, naked and in chains in front of all her classmates so she can be properly embarrassed and humiliated as she becomes a mere hucow and the class laughs and jeers at her “udder” debasement. An apt punishment for a naughty pupil, no?

  5. Whilst they’re immobilised like that why not also give them a good spanking on their saucy bare bottoms. For… Oh I don’t know… being inappropriately dressed? Maybe? If we have to have a reason.

  6. Super

  7. This is one of the better videos!

  8. William48

    @Wrangler I agree with you and also many have one or two toy’s in there p and/or a.

  9. The two are so juicy!

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