Vina – HuCow exercise

Vina – HuCow exercise

Our popular HuCow Vina has been in the herd for a long time. She grew from a curious 19-year old into the HuCow she is today, with her udders four times as large. She was drawn to the farm for some reason, and now she is a happy HuCow. Vina has been well fed, and she is starting to get a bit heavy. Of course, until we get our outdoors HuCow location, it is quite hard to give our herd enough exercise. So we put a bike in the barn, and made Vina burn some calories! Of course, there is no reason she can’t get milked during her fitness session, so we hooked her nipples up to a milker while she was peddling away. Very efficient!

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  1. a hefty hucow is a happy hucow, thus very efficient in milking ….. great logic 🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛 i’ll drink to that!!!!!

  2. Gill Bates

    This girl is one of my favourites. I’d like to see her in full chastity and shackles for a few weeks, though.

  3. It’s always a good day when Vina is back.

  4. Didn’t vina start producing milk from her last update with the red cow milker?

    I would love to see milk being sucked out and flowing through the tubes

  5. Any new Update with Vina is welcomed. The growth of her udders to their current size over the years as a member of the HERD is truly remarkable. Maybe in a future Update Vina can be secured to the milking bench and the red cow milker used to pump her udders.

  6. Shoot more videos with Vina!!!

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