HuCow 268 moved to the barn

HuCow 268 moved to the barn

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French HuCow 268 will now be moved to the barn. After her initial intake, she is still very skittish. We don’t know what the previous owner did to her, but she doesn’t like her udders touched. She seems very scared and untrained. The farmer keeps her blindfolded and gagged so she doesn’t bolt, and he tied her udders with rope to give them some constant pressure. Hopefully, the farmer can get her settled in soon, but for now she needs restraints, especially when she gets milked for the first time by the powerful goat milking machine. Don’t worry, she is home now. She will get used to her sessions eventually.

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  1. hucow268 headgear was perfect!! Please do more like this… Have her vocalizations change from fear to pleasure
    as she is petted and her udders prepped!!

  2. love the bound udders!!!! another keeper!!!!!

  3. Need to see some more of her; great udders.

  4. I have very large utters. ( never been milked ) I would love to start to get trained as a hucow. If anyone would like to contact me. I’m willing to be trained and I haven’t found a farmer. My udders are at least 4 pounds each and full of milk

  5. Happy to see a second Update with HuCow 268! Nice intricate rope harness used to support the weight of HuCow 268’s huge udders. The pumping of the goat milker worked well to enlarge the size of 268’s nipples. Hopefully in a future Update may members see this Hucow secured to the metal milking in the barn with her wrists handcuffed behind her back and the red cow milker pumping her dangling udders. Maybe 268’s blindfold can be removed once the session starts so her farmer can judge her progress from her eyes and facial expressions.

  6. Jörg Stadelmann

    Würde gern dies persönlich sehen und eine Ihrer HuCow besichtigen, testen und mieten, sowie mir solche Melkgeräte und Maschinen besorgen, also kaufen für mein Bauernhof und mir auch ein bis drei Hucow kaufen von Ihnen oder anderen Bauern. Es wäre wirklich sehr nett, wenn Sie ja sagen könnten und es klappen würde. Wo ist etwas egal. Hauptsache in Deutschland oder etwas im deutschsprachigen Raum. Würde mich schon freuen, wäre zu frieden und guter Laune. weil dies ist ein Wunsch von einigen Wünschen und Hoffnungen die ich habe. Eine gute Antwort wäre schon positiv und gut für mein Gemüt. Am liebsten würde ich die “HuCow 238”, “HuCow 268” und die “HuCows” nehmen, welche Ihre Sekretärin ist und welche früher mal Domina war.

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