HuCow 268 – powerful milking

HuCow 268 – powerful milking

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HuCow 268 is already settling in nicely, and the farmer likes to tie her udders into perfect balls, putting more pressure on them from behind her nipples, hopefully pushing milk out soon. There is really only one machine that can speed up the process, and that’s the powerful red cow milker. It is going to be very uncomfortable on 268’s sensitive nipples, especially with tied udders. The farmer is nice enough to include a magic wand, and soon HuCow 268 is making moo sounds while getting vibrated to orgasm while being pumped. She still tries to get away from the machine and the farmer’s touch, but this powerful milking will teach her she has no choice.

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  1. Nice cow with perfect udders. Love to see her in my Dutch Mountains barn.

  2. HuCow 268’s daily milking sessions are slowly working to enlarge the size of her nipples. Hope to see a future Update with 268 secured to a metal milking frame in the barn and milked like Katarina Hartlova in HU171. Maybe by then her farmer will be able to remove 268’s blindfold and judge her progress from her eyes and facial expressions.

  3. hucowlover

    Hucow 268 has very good udders for milking, that red cow milker worked well to enlarged it’s nipples.

  4. Sie hat ein schönes Euter, aber die Zitzen sind noch nicht richtig ausgebildet, ich denke tägliche Melkungen mit dem Ziegenmelker machen die Zitzen länger. Schön finde ich wie die Kuh muht bei der Melkung. Ich freue mich auf mehr von dieser Kuh – wenn sie dann längere Zitzen hat.

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