Cindy Dollar – Wonder Cow

Cindy Dollar – Wonder Cow

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Look who the farmer has in his prison cell! This girl looks familiar! Cindy doesn’t seem to be able to bend the prison bars, so maybe she doesn’t have super strength, but she does have super udders! Once she has calmed down a bit, the farmer goes in for a closer look and pulls down her wonder outfit to reveal those nice big udders. He decides she needs a powerful milking, in the barn, on the red cow milker. Wonder Cow soon finds herself strapped and locked to the frame with a shiny red ballgag in her mouth. She tries to break free, but she can’t. Instead, the farmer turns on a magic wand and pushes it onto her clit. Cindy immediately gets weak and she would have had an instant super orgasm, if the farmer hadn’t continued his work by oiling her udders and hooking up the red cow milker. Wonder Cow is now stimulated and powerfully milked at the same time. She makes moo noises through her gag as her stretchy nipples get enlarged four times by the vacuum power. She has lost this battle, it’s a brain overload and Wonder Cow is defeated by the machines. Poor Cindy!

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  1. hojojitsu

    This is incredibly hot. I love superheroine milking scenes. More please!

  2. CINDY DOLLAR is as HOT as her superheroine predecessors who wore the WONDER outfit. The red cow milker worked well to enlarge Cindy’s nipples to four times their current size.

  3. Anonymous

    Where there a particular reason there was no update last Saturday, or is the website only wrong on my end?

  4. A wonderful wonder cow indeed. Her nipples stretch so nicely and hopefully regular session will soon have her producing lovely wonder milk.

    A nice idea milking super heroines though other characters from films etc could be added to the line up

  5. Not even superheroines are able to defeat the dairy farmer.

  6. NipTrainer

    Hmm…. So The Farmer, who has all these lovely hucows in his barn, decided to take Cindy Dollar, one of his most beautiful and with full udders, and just to amuse himself, he dressed her like a superhero before milking her? Nice.😈. Even Farmers need a change of pace.

    PS, no nipple clamps?

  7. Sideshowbob

    I’ve wanted to see one like this for years. The cows are all great but videos like this with some costuming would be awesome. Maybe another Wonder Cow, a Super Cow, and a Bat Cow. Leaving elements of the costume on really makes it hot. Great work!

  8. NICE! Love the nipples that have been stretched, elongated, lengthened and extended! Cindy Dollar is an absolute dream boat to see in such fetish attire and on this site. Would definitely recommend Cindy Dollar to return to this site for a future shoot. Would like to recommend the incorporation of a pair of green elastic castration bands that can be stretched and placed upon a model’s erect perky and stiffened nipples to increase the sensitivity. Cindy Dollar would be a perfect candidate to experience such fetish play on your site. Love this shoot!

  9. Amazing and fantastic scenes, and afterwards she cool down wearing a boobcontrolbar, for that extra control after the boob workout

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