HuCow 268 – new arrival

HuCow 268 – new arrival

Please, think before getting a HuCow! During the pandemic, lots of amateur farmers got themselves a HuCow, but now they are returning back to work, they can’t take care of them anymore. We are overwhelmed by the number of requests to take over care for these stray HuCows now. A HuCow takes a lot of attention and care. Frankly, it’s a lot of work. Udders need to be massaged and oiled and milked at least daily. They need food and shelter. Don’t forget exercise! And sexual stimulation!
HuCow 268 came to us from France. We didn’t want to take on any more HuCows, but just look at her udders! Her huge natural udders are so promising, we just had to take her in. This one was not treated very well, she was terrified, so we gagged and blindfolded her to calm her down. We also fitted her collar with a huge bell, so we could hear her move around. The farmer soon tried a first session with her: the milking bed with nipple clamps before AND after milking. Harsh? Yes. But we could tell HuCow 268 was reassured by the whole process, already getting less anxious. She makes mooing sounds and responds well to spanks on her ass. HuCow 268 in good hands now!

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  1. Wow!! Welcome 268! Can’t wait to see more of her, love it

  2. Fantastic tits

  3. Welcome #268. Perfect udders…she looks right at home on the milking bed…can’t wait to see them increase in size even more….. methinks she will becum one of your better hucows. mooooooooooo!!!

  4. HuCow 268 is a sight to behold with her wrists and ankles secured to the bedposts and her huge natural udders hanging downward through the opening in the milking bed. Daily sessions with the electronic breast training machine pumping her udders should enlarge and increase the size of two sixty-eight’s nipples. Those huge udders should produce milk in the foreseeable future.

  5. hucowlover

    Welcome Hucow 268. Very good welcome session on her. The cow bell is nice touch. That septum tag was very necessary to find a hucow quickly on farm. It causes duel purpose a tag number and septum ring. Ear tag is also good but than you must put a septum ring on it’s nose to make it docile. It is a good season for her and her response was good. She calms down quickly, her udders are very full size, it needs continues milking. Next time put her on red cow milker with of course clover clamps on her nipples before and after milking.

  6. Please bring a model like this or Katie, katarina, lulu, any model that has nice big breasts, back. I love the sight always want to support but I haven’t downloaded an update In a while! We want more big boob hucows please!! Also happy new year!

  7. Schönes grosses Euter, Zitzen müssen noch gelängt werden, gute Beaderung der Euter, hängt und schwingt schön frei. Die Glocke finde ich megageil und auch die gelbe Kuhmarke und dass sie nur eine entpersonifiziertes Vieh mit einer Nummer ist. Ich hoffe wir sehen noch mehr von der Kuh 268

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