Lina Roselina – double breast pump

Lina Roselina – double breast pump

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Even tiny HuCows need regular sessions! Our smallest HuCow by far, Lina Roselina is cute but very naughty. Today, she will get pumped by the relentless double breast pump. It mimics a suckling motion, pulling the nipple out far into the transparent tube. The farmer has fitted her with a milking bra, so the tubes will stay on and everything is hands-free. But Lina quickly turns off the machine by pressing the off button! Now her hands need to be secured behind her back with heavy clamps, so she can’t switch off the pump anymore. A harness muzzle gag is also strapped on her, this girl needs it! The farmer was trying to milk her standing up, in her cute HuCow socks, but soon the power of the machine gets too exhausting for little Lina. She drops onto her knees as the machine relentlessly continues its job: stretching Lina’s nipples over and over again.

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  1. oh, cute Lina….. has there been any progress in her breast or nipple size? a farmer has to do what a farmer must do to get the most out of his hucow… perhaps the fucking machine will take her mind off her nipples

  2. Very cute calf you have there, hope she is comes back for more sessions

  3. Nice to view another Update with LINA ROSELINA after only eleven weeks. The double breast pump worked well pulling each of Lina’s nipples far into its transparent tubes. This cute little HuCow will need many milking sessions to increase the size of her nipples and udders. VINA showed this growth can happen with various treatments and the passage of time.

  4. It can’t be easy being a farmer, but I suppose someone has to do it!
    Lucky so and so!

  5. We need to get Vina on this setup now that she is producing.

  6. Jörg Stadelmann

    Es sieht sehr gut aus was man mit Lina alles machen kann und darf.

  7. I would love to know where to get a good pump so I can get the correct sessions I need. I love the thought of the sucking feel, it may help me push through the pain I have already experienced with the goat milkers. Any advice or direction would be appreciated.

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