Ulysse – hard HuCow life

Ulysse – hard HuCow life

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French HuCow Ulysse has never wanted to be here. She has never stopped resisting and she is still a long way from becoming a docile HuCow. At this point, we don’t know what to do with her anymore. Will she ever fit into our herd? Even touching her hair (let alone her udders) is too much for her. The only thing we can do is keep milking her, and hope she will accept her new role in life. We still would love to transform her, because she has the softest natural udders, so supple and perfect! We put Ulysse in a brand new position on the milking frame (arms spread), to see how she will handle the goat milker today. Not very well, as you can imagine.

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  1. perhaps some milking with another hucow may help – some communal fellowship…seeing how another adapts to her new life may help

  2. Is there a male farmer who would not like to be given the chance to squeeze this French HuCow’s perfect natural udders and pinch her nipples before applying the suction cups of the goat milker over her teats ? The sounds Ulysse makes and her facial expressions always let her farmer know every milking session is a very painful experience for her.

  3. A visit from a bull whilst on the milking frame might take her mind off the milking session.

  4. Her and Vina should do a video together.

  5. Mongrelwanderer

    I hope she never stops resisting. My favorites are the ones that get overwhelmed by the sensation of being milked. I love the screamers.

  6. Nip Trainer

    This one here…she fights so much…but judging by how fat her teats are becoming, it’s working….whether she wants to admit it or not. As much as I love to see one fighting her training…what this heifer needs is a magic wand on her clit when she’s pumped. That will calm her down and make her docile.

  7. Weird request but, can we see you put the cows into their bondage in a video? I’d love to watch them getting strapped in for their milkings. This video made me think how much I would’ve loved to see Ulysse resisting being put into the bondage. Hopefully you could try showing us in a video soon. Thank you :*

  8. Maybe a shock collar would get this one more under control

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