Katie – sleep massage

Katie – sleep massage

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Katie needs to rest a lot, her sessions are exhausting, and carrying around two udders that weigh as much as her head (each) is very tiring too. The farmer usually lets her sleep on the milking bed, because it is the only way Katie can sleep on her stomach. With her udders hanging freely under the bed, sometimes the farmer sneaks under the bed and massages and milks Katie, even in her sleep! Don’t worry, Katie is used to getting touched, squeezed, and groped (all day long), and she loves a good udder massage with oil. The farmer uses a double breast pump to keep her nipples supple and stretchy, and it is a quiet machine that will not wake her up. Don’t miss this really relaxing under-the-bed video with one of our top HuCows!!

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  1. simply stated … oh YES!!!!!!!!!! love her chained ankles and wrists, a nice secure touch, but I don’t think she wants to go anywhere in her docile state

  2. The management of HuCows.com picked the perfect member of the Herd for the last Update of the decade. Twenty-nine of the two hundred sixty-one Updates of the past five years have featured the beautiful Katie Thornton. Any farmer wishes for the privilege of squeezing and then applying massage oil all over Katie’s huge massive udders before milking. Katarina Hartlova and Vina would also have been a nice choice to end 2019.
    THANK YOU to HuCows.com for a wonderful half a decade of Updates.

  3. Love watching Katies tits get milked.

  4. I LOVE all the bondage that each cow is put into, docile or not. The blindfold is a nice touch as well

  5. would be nice those medela cups with a cow pump machine.

  6. Luca Coruzzi

    All day on the Milker?

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