HuCow 54 – red cow milker

HuCow 54 – red cow milker

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Remember the mature HuCow 54 we purchased from another farm? She is our most experienced HuCow, having been treated very harshly by her previous owner. She is earmarked with number 54, and almost permanently gagged and blindfolded. Her only use in life is to get milked. HuCow 54’s udders are soft, supple, and her nipples have been elongated and enlarged from all those sessions. But her previous farm did not have a red cow milker! This is the most powerful of our milkers, and HuCow 54 has never done a session with it. We added a magic wand to keep her HuCow brain occupied, as we introduced the full power of the red milker to her teats. As expected, her nipples became HUGE after this session. And then we did the one thing you should not try at home with your HuCow: we clamped her nipples after milking! HuCow 54 is very experienced, but even for her that was incredibly painful and sensitive! Watch the video now!

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  1. HuCow 54 is a good choice for the first Update of twenty-twenty.
    The head gear and blindfold could have been removed before the farmer applied the clamps to her HUGE nipples after her time on the powerful red cow milker. 54’s facial expressions and eyes would have shown what a painful experience this was for this veteran HuCow.
    PLEASE have new Updates with VINA and KATARINA HARTLOVA

  2. Love this update but I agree! Please bring katarina back! It would be amazing to see her with the nipple training Milker on the highest setting like some of the other girls have had, bondage is needed with her! So cool to see how far this site has come!

  3. clamping nipple after milking is great idea, painful or what at least give it a try

  4. nipple clamps is very good idea

    • Hucowlover

      Agree with you. After milking nipple get sore and sensitive, it is the best time to clamp them.

  5. Please handcuff there hands behind their back 🙂

  6. Please handcuff there hands behind 😊

  7. simply put … those are great udders!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Wow I love this hucow.

  9. Big nipples are the HOTTEST to have, unfortunately a lot of women, especial big breasted women, have small or disappearing nipples, and there is only 2 ways to go to get them big and that is piercing or vacuum training, here we can see for our self and enjoy how these women progress, yes it can be hard for some or nice “hard” for others, but the results speak for them self. Thank for the show / sharing and making the world a better and freer place to be.

  10. HuCow 54 is just amazing! She has beautiful big udders and nipples. I love her harnessgagged face. All of your cows should be gagged and vibrated or fucked while being milked. Hope to see more of No.54 soon.

  11. Anonymous

    Clamping her nipple after milking was great idea. She looks like in lot of pain.

  12. Hucowlover

    She is a true hucow, has a ear tag with her number. Farmer clamped her nipple after milking it is a great idea, after milking her big sore nipple just demanded a hard nipple clamp. It was extremely painful for her but hucow need training. She will be able to handle after milking nipple clamp if training continues. She is strong and experienced hucow keep training her with nipple clamps after milking. Practice makes hucow perfect. Try this after milking nipple clamps method on other hucows too.

  13. would be nice to have 3 or 4 hucows (38-54-69-Manuela) all being treated to the same milking technique side by side, blindfolds to be removed just before the milking is apparatus is attached, so we can see the expressions of humiliation or joy on their mature faces, then they could comfort each other.

    herd milking special

  14. Nach dem melken sollten nicht nur die Nippelklammern angebracht werden, sondern auch Glocken zum beschweren.

  15. Is she no longer on the farm? There has been no update for this cow for a long time

  16. Sonnenscheinchen

    Nippel klemmen sind eine sehr gute Idee

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