Vina – udder expansion

Vina – udder expansion

Many people ask us how we got Vina’s udders to go from this to this. Well, there are a lot of factors, like good quantities of cattle food, massages, sexual stimulation, and of course pumping. The best way to expand udders is to use a bra with breast cups that can be hooked up to a pumping system like the electronic breast training machine. As you can clearly see in this video, this expands the udders by quite a lot. In fact, the cups are already getting too small for Vina, especially for her left udder. Her right udder is still a bit behind on development. Don’t worry if your HuCow’s udders don’t develop at the same rate, it is perfectly normal to have two udders of slightly different size.

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  1. if Vina wants, my dick is at her services any time she wants to!

  2. Last week i asked for an Update with Vina. THANK YOU to for today’s Update with VINA on the milking bed with the electronic breast training machine working to increase the size of her udders. It is nice to view all eighteen of Vina’s Updates in order and witness how all of the above factors have given her beautiful udders any farmer would want to have the privilege of milking on a daily basis.

  3. udderly beautiful

  4. Vina’s back! Excellent!

  5. Love vina so much. She’s so pretty! We need to work on getting these cows bred imo! So they can actually start producing

  6. Vina’s tits look so good, I would gladly volunteer to rub or lick them or suck her nipples.

  7. More videos with Vina !!!

  8. Hi admin, what is the vina’s new bra cup size?

  9. Why there are no new videos with Vina?

  10. William48

    Yup you guys broke her brain and she will never be able to be the same again and I like hucows that are not corporative at all.

  11. I’m curious, what sort of cattle food do you give her? Is it suitable for human consumption. :)

  12. I’m curious, what is the cattle food you give her? Would it make my own boobs bigger? :)

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